Love Will Sustain You…

“Fortune and love favor the Brave” – Ovid

Recently, my BFF gave me Miss Jessie’s Creating a Successful Business From Scratch – Naturally to read; and I can’t put it down. A compelling story of sister-love, confidence, grit, bravery, passion, entrepreneurial-ship, and self-love.

Miko Branch, my new #SHERO is the Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s LLC, who lost her beloved business partner and older sibling #TitiBranch who suffered with depression on December 4, 2014.  Miko has that #HarrietTubman like spirit; that knows her strength comes from God (my continued prayers to you and your family). “Because of the Lord’s great Love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.” Lamentations 3:22 NIV

1429117341108On April 15, 2015 WE RISE AND SHINE Blog Featured 


My Lovin Self Brand is about empowering, uplifting and bringing forth your very best SELF. Once married to a Pastor, I am well aware of the demands…yet it was never enough. The great lesson from that journey was that my Light was a blessing and a ministry to others, and no one could extinguish my light.  My website (soon to launch) will focus on healing the troubled or broken hearted by way of Aromatherapy.   Which is God’s true gift for the world to enjoy, heal self and have at your fingertips.  Every hard working individual should take the time one-day out of the week and Love on Self.  For the past 25+ years, I have chosen Sunday to do just that.  My website will have a segment call “Soothing Sunday’s”.  A day for you to commit to pampering SELF with my AMAZING Soothings Baths Salts and/or Soothing Bath Teas that will Restore, Replenish and Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit back to wholeness for the week ahead. Love, peace of mind (my favorite), joy and happiness is a choice, and it really does the body good.  Stay tune…


Remember…”If you are no good to self, then how could you be good to anyone else?” “STRESS is a killer, but not on my watch.  Which one are you…?

Love Does Not Hurt!


Welcome to “Sleeping with the Enemy” – The Misogynist

To all the Queens (without a country),


We have pushed this behavior under the rug far too long; and it is time that we expose, and call out this unjust, unhealthy, and unwarranted behavior by most men toward women. This behavior MUST STOP.

Misogyny comes from the Greek word, miso, meaning to hate; and gyne, for woman; which translates to “woman hater“. Yes, a Misogynist is a man who hates women. I said it, and now it is out in the open; and it needs to be address.

I often hear men complaining about our beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is too strong, she needs to get out of the lime light, (this one took the case) she don’t support Obama, it’s all about her. Red flag…Misogynist speaking.

Misogyny is an innate trait like racism; and is deeply ingrained in the psyche of who he is. He can’t change his core beliefs or hatred for women in general; it’s who he is. Remember that you deserve better, and deserves a man who loves You for You. A real man who is capable of loving you, will not try to change you or control you. He will uplift you and bring forth your best.

Here are a few warning signs:
#1 – A Misogynist Principal mind-set, is having superiority over women. They hate on the feminine mind, and are jealous over any success by a women in general.
#2 – A Misogynist has a constant wall block to true intimacy and commitment
#3 – They will try to eliminate the number of women in your life
#4 – You are not viewed as an equal
#5 – A Misogynist is a Control Freak & dictator in everything from how you should dress and wear your hair (beware of the gently teasing).
#6 – The problems in your relationship is ALL your fault. He will not take ownership of the failure of your marriage or relationship.

Remember my Queens (without a country), Love does not hurt, it Heals!

Love and Music Does Transcend Race

Love and music truly does transcend Race; Larry Levan, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Adele, Kanye, Rihanna and of course the Swedish House Mafia all have done it. Music is Love, and Love is Music.

“Larry Levan was a DJ best known for his decade-long residency at the New York City night club Paradise Garage, which has been described as the prototype of the modern dance club. He developed a cult following who referred to his sets as “Saturday Mass”. In September 2004, Levan was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievement as a DJ.”

The Paradise Garage (aka “Saturday Mass”) was the only dance spot that my mom would allow me and my twin sister to frequent on a Saturday night (til the break of dawn) with her boyfriend who was a card carrying member.  It was simply heaven.  Larry would drop songs continuously through the night that NO ONE had, let alone heard of.  We danced from the time that we entered the Paradise Garage, til the morning sun. It was a place of Love, and a place to freely express oneself.  And Larry was our leader who truly cared about his audience, as it came across through the tracks and mixes he created for us. Larry was wickedly AMAZING and BRILLIANT in his passionate craft; creating house music for ALL to LOVE and dance to.

“The Paradise Garage inspired an unparalleled reverence. It dominated gay New York’s dance vista for a full ten years, with only the Saint – which catered for a very different crowd – as a serious rival. For its members the Garage was a sanctuary from an increasingly cruel and voracious city, a role made poignantly necessary as AIDS cut through New York. Dance there and you were treated as an honoured guest, with a level of courtesy and respect that is virtually unheard of in clubs today. ‘You felt special,’ says Danny Tenaglia, one of many DJs inspired by early visits to the Garage. ‘You felt like you were an elite group, with people who were on the same level of understanding about music as you.’ In a drab district in south west Manhattan, it created a private world based on disco’s original ethos of loving equality. In stark contrast to the harsh city lights outside, the Garage offered freedom, compassion and brotherhood.” –

Last night I had the pleasure of watching in awe, ‘ShoTimes,


A “documentary following electronic super band Swedish House Mafia on their final tour before they call it quits that offers a rare look at the electronic music world, with breathtaking live footage and behind-the-scenes drama of three musicians who walk away from everything to save their friendship.”


You can feel the energy, that Love was in the atmosphere of ALL their concerts, as it came across on the stage set-design (phenomenal), from Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingress, the Swedish House Mafia DJ’s, and of course their trillions of fans from around the Globe.  Watching the documentary bought back great memories for me of the Paradise Garage, Larry Levan and how his passion was shared so freely.  I fought back tears as I watched the Swedish House Mafia perform their last show in Miami…truly a travesty.

Sharing Love should never stop…

Love Believes In You!

“Misty Copeland is a Woman of the Year because… “She’s blazed her own path—and proven that you don’t have to bend to society’s expectations because you look a certain way.”                                                    —actress Kerry Washington, 2013 Woman of the Year


“Some moments in history start out very ordinary. June 30 was a Tuesday, and Misty Copeland, in a yellow leotard, headed to her usual company class at American Ballet Theatre in New York City. Afterward, artistic director Kevin McKenzie told her to “take a bow”: She had been promoted to principal dancer, the first African American ballerina to reach that level in the elite classical ballet company’s 75-year history. Hillary Clinton and Prince both tweeted their congratulations; “Finally,” wrote The Washington Post.”

You are your spoken truth and staunch advocate that SELF is able to succeed; who can accomplish anything when you focus, plan and execute.  For 2016, this will be the year to FOCUS, PLAN & EXECUTE (take action). Ignore the illusion that we don’t have any resources that can get us started (going) or to the next level.  Oh, contraire! It’s the lack of resourcefulness and emotions (anger, frustration, courageous, determination and caring) that can hinders us; once stated by Anthony Robbins (The Ultimate Edge, Life Changing Program).

I will be the first to tell you that 2016 is going to be my year. I’m currently working on launching my website.  Great things to come, like: 2nd Best Consignment Thrift Store, Lovin Self Essential Bath Salts (Soothing Sunday’s), Your Best Life Ever!! (Words of encouragement), and Chatroom for members only. There are no victims only volunteers, and people will only do what you allow.  Accountability is the first step to healing SELF.

Much Love



Love Says…#Rule Yourself

#Rule Yourself, is Under Armour AMAZING campaign on Self Motivaiton. Never believe that you are not enough, because when you stand within #SELF; You are enough!!!  When you learn to Love on Self, you are feeding your spirit with Hope, Love, forgiveness and true appreciation. You do matter…say iMatter!

Love In Motion

“Rising star Misty Copeland makes history as the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre”

“Love is an attempt to change a piece of a dream-world into reality.” – Henry David Thoreau.

If you Believe wholeheartildy that YOU do matter, and don’t waiver on your convictions… whose to say that you can’t be the next Misty Copeland.  Kudos to Misty for never giving up, and following through on her love and passion!

Love says…I’m Special

The only person who can bring you joy, and happiness is Self.  Relying on others to do it for you, will take you to a darker place of unhappniess that may not be satisfying, rewarding and/or an improvement of Self.


Trust and believe that YOU do matter, that you are AMAZINGLY wonderful.  And watch your inner being shine bright making your spirit Happy Happy and Joyous. ;o)