Love Does Not Hurt!


Welcome to “Sleeping with the Enemy” – The Misogynist

To all the Queens (without a country),


We have pushed this behavior under the rug far too long; and it is time that we expose, and call out this unjust, unhealthy, and unwarranted behavior by most men toward women. This behavior MUST STOP.

Misogyny comes from the Greek word, miso, meaning to hate; and gyne, for woman; which translates to “woman hater“. Yes, a Misogynist is a man who hates women. I said it, and now it is out in the open; and it needs to be address.

I often hear men complaining about our beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is too strong, she needs to get out of the lime light, (this one took the case) she don’t support Obama, it’s all about her. Red flag…Misogynist speaking.

Misogyny is an innate trait like racism; and is deeply ingrained in the psyche of who he is. He can’t change his core beliefs or hatred for women in general; it’s who he is. Remember that you deserve better, and deserves a man who loves You for You. A real man who is capable of loving you, will not try to change you or control you. He will uplift you and bring forth your best.

Here are a few warning signs:
#1 – A Misogynist Principal mind-set, is having superiority over women. They hate on the feminine mind, and are jealous over any success by a women in general.
#2 – A Misogynist has a constant wall block to true intimacy and commitment
#3 – They will try to eliminate the number of women in your life
#4 – You are not viewed as an equal
#5 – A Misogynist is a Control Freak & dictator in everything from how you should dress and wear your hair (beware of the gently teasing).
#6 – The problems in your relationship is ALL your fault. He will not take ownership of the failure of your marriage or relationship.

Remember my Queens (without a country), Love does not hurt, it Heals!


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