Love Believes In You!

“Misty Copeland is a Woman of the Year because… “She’s blazed her own path—and proven that you don’t have to bend to society’s expectations because you look a certain way.”                                                    —actress Kerry Washington, 2013 Woman of the Year


“Some moments in history start out very ordinary. June 30 was a Tuesday, and Misty Copeland, in a yellow leotard, headed to her usual company class at American Ballet Theatre in New York City. Afterward, artistic director Kevin McKenzie told her to “take a bow”: She had been promoted to principal dancer, the first African American ballerina to reach that level in the elite classical ballet company’s 75-year history. Hillary Clinton and Prince both tweeted their congratulations; “Finally,” wrote The Washington Post.”

You are your spoken truth and staunch advocate that SELF is able to succeed; who can accomplish anything when you focus, plan and execute.  For 2016, this will be the year to FOCUS, PLAN & EXECUTE (take action). Ignore the illusion that we don’t have any resources that can get us started (going) or to the next level.  Oh, contraire! It’s the lack of resourcefulness and emotions (anger, frustration, courageous, determination and caring) that can hinders us; once stated by Anthony Robbins (The Ultimate Edge, Life Changing Program).

I will be the first to tell you that 2016 is going to be my year. I’m currently working on launching my website.  Great things to come, like: 2nd Best Consignment Thrift Store, Lovin Self Essential Bath Salts (Soothing Sunday’s), Your Best Life Ever!! (Words of encouragement), and Chatroom for members only. There are no victims only volunteers, and people will only do what you allow.  Accountability is the first step to healing SELF.

Much Love