“To Know Me…Is To Love MeJust Because” – Ingrid Prescott

Learning to live your Best Life Ever!


Loving Self from “A to Z”

I AM MEand I am not defined by others opinions and beliefs about me. In order for me to form a perfect union of tranquility, peace, joy, hope, love and happiness, I need to recognize that I can’t be everything to everyone and not rob me of Me Time. I have the power to live whichever life I choose, without offending anyone. I will work to promote and encourage SELF and NEVER GIVE UP—to keep hitting that rock until it cracks, ignore the nay-sayers, and know that I am in control of my choices and free will. And I also recognize that my success cannot be defined by anyone else; but needs to be based on what I believe, which is MY truth.

From A to Z

Accept SELF

Believe in SELF

Care for SELF

Devote time to SELF

Encourage and enjoy SELF

Focus, forgive, and feel good about SELF

Grab life by the horns for SELF

Hope in all things for SELF

IMATTER. (Repeat to SELF as needed.)

Juggle life for SELF

Kindhearted toward SELF


Motivate SELF

Nurture SELF

Oneness with SELF

Pamper SELF

Quiet SELF for Relaxation

Renew and Rejuvenate SELF

Smile with SELF

Trust in SELF

Understand SELF

Value SELF

Work at putting SELF first

X-hilerate and encourage SELF that you are exceptional and amazing

Yearn to be loving & comfortable in SELF (Accept you need room for improvement.)

Zest for Life toward SELF (You give so much joy to others; be sure to keep some for SELF.)

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Loving our Dads

“I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back.” – Imelda Marcos

I truly love seeing a man cry joyous, happy tears because it shows his strength, vulnerability and the confidence that he possesses. When you can witness firsthand how his kids or spouse tell him how much they love, appreciate and are grateful to have him in their lives, and that they are proud of the man that he is… he tells himself, it’s ok to cry (get the tissue ready).

When we honor our dads, we are telling them that through all their struggles, sweat and hidden tears we love you dad. That the one true sacrifice that you made for us was to love us unconditionally, keep a roof over our head and food on the table; and you did it with love. Thank you, Dad, as I will always love and miss you. Rest In Peace (1991).

#Happy Father’s Day to my loving dad, may you rest in peace (I Love You), to all the dads, step-dads and awesome uncles who stepped in when we lost or needed a dad’s love, like my Uncle Bobby and Uncle Nabisco! Much Love!!!



Love says…I’m Special

The only person who can bring you joy, and happiness is Self.  Relying on others to do it for you, will take you to a darker place of unhappniess that may not be satisfying, rewarding and/or an improvement of Self.


Trust and believe that YOU do matter, that you are AMAZINGLY wonderful.  And watch your inner being shine bright making your spirit Happy Happy and Joyous. ;o)

Love…I’m Not An Offense

“Love means that you are not an offense to anyone. Never compromise Self for the sake of absent Love.


I Love this AMAZING quote from Mr. Bob Marley, a man after my own heart.  I will never be an offense to anyone…because I am being Me!