Love and Music Does Transcend Race

Love and music truly does transcend Race; Larry Levan, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Adele, Kanye, Rihanna and of course the Swedish House Mafia all have done it. Music is Love, and Love is Music.

“Larry Levan was a DJ best known for his decade-long residency at the New York City night club Paradise Garage, which has been described as the prototype of the modern dance club. He developed a cult following who referred to his sets as “Saturday Mass”. In September 2004, Levan was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievement as a DJ.”

The Paradise Garage (aka “Saturday Mass”) was the only dance spot that my mom would allow me and my twin sister to frequent on a Saturday night (til the break of dawn) with her boyfriend who was a card carrying member.  It was simply heaven.  Larry would drop songs continuously through the night that NO ONE had, let alone heard of.  We danced from the time that we entered the Paradise Garage, til the morning sun. It was a place of Love, and a place to freely express oneself.  And Larry was our leader who truly cared about his audience, as it came across through the tracks and mixes he created for us. Larry was wickedly AMAZING and BRILLIANT in his passionate craft; creating house music for ALL to LOVE and dance to.

“The Paradise Garage inspired an unparalleled reverence. It dominated gay New York’s dance vista for a full ten years, with only the Saint – which catered for a very different crowd – as a serious rival. For its members the Garage was a sanctuary from an increasingly cruel and voracious city, a role made poignantly necessary as AIDS cut through New York. Dance there and you were treated as an honoured guest, with a level of courtesy and respect that is virtually unheard of in clubs today. ‘You felt special,’ says Danny Tenaglia, one of many DJs inspired by early visits to the Garage. ‘You felt like you were an elite group, with people who were on the same level of understanding about music as you.’ In a drab district in south west Manhattan, it created a private world based on disco’s original ethos of loving equality. In stark contrast to the harsh city lights outside, the Garage offered freedom, compassion and brotherhood.” –

Last night I had the pleasure of watching in awe, ‘ShoTimes,


A “documentary following electronic super band Swedish House Mafia on their final tour before they call it quits that offers a rare look at the electronic music world, with breathtaking live footage and behind-the-scenes drama of three musicians who walk away from everything to save their friendship.”


You can feel the energy, that Love was in the atmosphere of ALL their concerts, as it came across on the stage set-design (phenomenal), from Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingress, the Swedish House Mafia DJ’s, and of course their trillions of fans from around the Globe.  Watching the documentary bought back great memories for me of the Paradise Garage, Larry Levan and how his passion was shared so freely.  I fought back tears as I watched the Swedish House Mafia perform their last show in Miami…truly a travesty.

Sharing Love should never stop…


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