“To Know Me…Is To Love MeJust Because” – Ingrid Prescott

Learning to live your Best Life Ever!


Loving Self from “A to Z”

I AM MEand I am not defined by others opinions and beliefs about me. In order for me to form a perfect union of tranquility, peace, joy, hope, love and happiness, I need to recognize that I can’t be everything to everyone and not rob me of Me Time. I have the power to live whichever life I choose, without offending anyone. I will work to promote and encourage SELF and NEVER GIVE UP—to keep hitting that rock until it cracks, ignore the nay-sayers, and know that I am in control of my choices and free will. And I also recognize that my success cannot be defined by anyone else; but needs to be based on what I believe, which is MY truth.

From A to Z

Accept SELF

Believe in SELF

Care for SELF

Devote time to SELF

Encourage and enjoy SELF

Focus, forgive, and feel good about SELF

Grab life by the horns for SELF

Hope in all things for SELF

IMATTER. (Repeat to SELF as needed.)

Juggle life for SELF

Kindhearted toward SELF


Motivate SELF

Nurture SELF

Oneness with SELF

Pamper SELF

Quiet SELF for Relaxation

Renew and Rejuvenate SELF

Smile with SELF

Trust in SELF

Understand SELF

Value SELF

Work at putting SELF first

X-hilerate and encourage SELF that you are exceptional and amazing

Yearn to be loving & comfortable in SELF (Accept you need room for improvement.)

Zest for Life toward SELF (You give so much joy to others; be sure to keep some for SELF.)

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Love… Be About You

“Be About Your Life… and Love It!”

Source: Faith Hunter

My dearest Sister-Friend Tami gave me the gift of a lifetime; thank you T. I had the pleasure of meeting Faith Hunter, world-renowned Yoga instructor at the Art of Yoga on Saturday, March 26 at the Brooklyn Museum. Simply a life-changing experience that left me in awe of the things that I need to change in my life for the betterment of SELF. I always look at things in the 3-dimensional (Just like the Trinity: the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit), which will also give me confirmation on things that I need answers for.

While traveling to the class to meet Tami and I was reading an excerpt from Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally and on page 125, from Chapter Seven, “It’s All About the Hair”, talking about the pros of wearing natural hair: “You may feel a greater sense of pride, Self Love, and self acceptance.” Self-Love is very meaningful to me, and I do take this philosophy seriously,which is why it is the underlying platform of my Lovin Self brand. Once I arrived, I met a wonderful, calm, beautiful, and spirited woman who stood out. Her name was Anu Prestonia, who specializes in hair and body care, and happens to be very good friends with my girlfriend Tami.

Once the class started, Faith was able to make me feel like I have been doing Yoga for years. I did not feel embarrassed because I was a newbie, and I was very comfortable doing the “Child-like” resting pose when it became too challenging. Once the class ended, I was totally not convinced that Yoga was for me–too slow, so I thought. Yes, the class was inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, and peaceful with many similarly joyous spirits that were in the large dome-like room.

Please note, I have tried Yoga a few times, but again I think that it’s too slow for my “over the top” energy. Once the class ended, Tami and I had a very brief discussion about Yoga and I still was not convinced that this was for me. I started talking with Anu, whose spirit engulfed me and captivated my spirit, mind, and attention. Anu has been practicing Yoga for 30+ years, and there’s one thing that she said that stuck like glue: “It’s a form of Self-Love, you’re Loving Self. You are healing, and saying to, yourself that ‘I love you’.” At that moment I fought back tears, because if I am trying to teach others about the very important art of loving self, then how can I not, at the very least, give Yoga a try to see if this will calm me down so that I can focus better on the things that really matter to me and not others that distract or discourage me.  

Like Faith Hunter, Anu Prestonia, and Miko Branch all teach and express, Self-Love is a form of love that heals, nurtures, soothes, and restores you back to wholeness lovingly.

How will you have a #HappyMonday and a more #MindfulMonday? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Love Will Sustain You…

“Fortune and love favor the Brave” – Ovid

Recently, my BFF gave me Miss Jessie’s Creating a Successful Business From Scratch – Naturally to read; and I can’t put it down. A compelling story of sister-love, confidence, grit, bravery, passion, entrepreneurial-ship, and self-love.

Miko Branch, my new #SHERO is the Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s LLC, who lost her beloved business partner and older sibling #TitiBranch who suffered with depression on December 4, 2014.  Miko has that #HarrietTubman like spirit; that knows her strength comes from God (my continued prayers to you and your family). “Because of the Lord’s great Love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.” Lamentations 3:22 NIV

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My Lovin Self Brand is about empowering, uplifting and bringing forth your very best SELF. Once married to a Pastor, I am well aware of the demands…yet it was never enough. The great lesson from that journey was that my Light was a blessing and a ministry to others, and no one could extinguish my light.  My http://www.lovinself.com website (soon to launch) will focus on healing the troubled or broken hearted by way of Aromatherapy.   Which is God’s true gift for the world to enjoy, heal self and have at your fingertips.  Every hard working individual should take the time one-day out of the week and Love on Self.  For the past 25+ years, I have chosen Sunday to do just that.  My website http://www.lovinself.com will have a segment call “Soothing Sunday’s”.  A day for you to commit to pampering SELF with my AMAZING Soothings Baths Salts and/or Soothing Bath Teas that will Restore, Replenish and Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit back to wholeness for the week ahead. Love, peace of mind (my favorite), joy and happiness is a choice, and it really does the body good.  Stay tune…


Remember…”If you are no good to self, then how could you be good to anyone else?” “STRESS is a killer, but not on my watch.  Which one are you…?