“2BMe…” To Know Me…Is To Love Me…Just Because”

In the beginning…

It was Harriet… images-11

Whose resilient spirit broke all barriers so little girls can shine
To be loved, respected and lifted up at all times
It was her Faith and courage, for little girls… Now women, to set the stage,
to be outspoken, confident, daring and brave
Her light pointed North, as she cleared the path so little girls… Now women,
Can stand strong, radiate and be great.
So Don’t apologize for who you are or think that you are an offense…Au Contraire. It’s their insecurities, and lack of respect that they have embraced
How dare you stand toe-to-toe in their face, because you should know your place
Just stay focused, look toward the North Star, and keep moving forward
Because we stand in sisterhood as one, and have your back
So, pick up your Bright Shining Torch and extend it to your Sister on the right or left Whose arm is pointed toward the North Star to hand it off to the next Bright Shining Star… YOU!



Take today and embrace who you are… A wonderful, beautiful, talented trend-setter who gets the job done!!!


One thought on “LOVE SAID IT’S YOUR DAY

  1. Reblogged this on Lovin Self and commented:

    Everyday we should celebrate #women for their outstanding, exceptional achievements to mankind. #Kudos to those who made a clear path for us…#HarrietTubman, #AngelaDavis, #GloriaSteinem, #Oprah, #MichelleObama, #SherylSandberg, #ShondaRhimes, and #RosaParks.


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