Love’s Conviction

“The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved.”


Ok, I’ll be the first to say that I have been truly loved; not once, not twice, but three times. Yes, and I’m great… but lack in the areas of keeping and holding onto love. I have yet to learn the secret of sustaining a “loving” relationship; but what I do know for sure is that LOVE never wants you to die of SELF to make someone else happy.

Nor does LOVE want you to sacrifice SELF for the sake of someone else’s happiness. Remember, I believe in Accountability and any successful relationship requires both parties making sacrifices. Is it, truthfully, “by choice” that you are the only one in your relationship making ALL the sacrifices? It is very likely there is someone out there, reading this right now, and realizing they are not such a happy camper.

That’s where LOVIN SELF comes into action and helps you realize your true worth. Life was not created for you to not matter, au contraire; at the very least to yourself. Every human being has a purpose and the ability to put a dent in the universe (Steve Jobs).

My purpose in life is to share joy from my light within; add a smile daily to someone’s beautiful face; and help you alleviate STRESS from your life (in the simplest way possible, featuring my Lovin Self relaxing bath salts and soothing bath teas).

Remember, you do matter! You are vital to SELF! And, before the weekend is over, PLEASE give yourself a loving HUG. You owe it to yourself.






Love Can Combat Stress

“Life is about Free Will and Choices; but, most importantly, it’s about Accountability.”


You are a beautiful, sweet, delectable, scrumptious, delicious human being that everyone wants a piece of. Often times, we are everything to everyone, but never anything to SELF. Life’s demands circle us as fast as cars in the Indy 500; and women and men are in the drivers’ seats. Dodging in and out of fast moving cars, people, and wearing a variety of hats: volunteer, event organizer, wife, husband, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, confidante; you name it. Women and men are proudly wearing the Ringmaster’s hat. What they are not telling you, because of the facade that they continue to wear over their life, is that STRESS is eating away at the core.

“People will only do what you allow.”

To combat the powerful energy-suck of STRESS, we start by taking LOVE by the arms (which are ALWAYS open and welcoming) and engulfing SELF with it. Stop what you are doing . . . No, really, just for a second . . . and smile . . . Just because. Your heart will jump for joy for a split second. Now, give yourself a hug… Again, really, just go ahead, try it. Your heart just kissed you and said thank you!!! That is the very first step to showing SELF some LOVE!

And, I am here to help you LOVE ON SELF more regularly to put a stop to the madness that is consuming you and not granting you time to find PEACE OF MIND. I plan on flooding you with LOVE just like this on a daily basis (hint: LoveDailys). And, very soon (aiming for March), I will launch the iMatter Campaign that focuses on YOU making the commitment with the pledge to pamper yourself just 1 day every week. Pledge cards will be issued upon signing up on the website, which will include discounts on future purchases!


LOVE is a healer, a comforter, a listener, a soother, and it will restore you back to wholeness if you allow it to. I will be sending out free samples of the LovinSelf Essential Bath Salts (Mediterranean) and Soothing Relaxing Teas. They will calm, relax, soothe, rejuvenate, nourish, and relieve you from overexertion and tension, which are the typical symptoms of STRESS!

Send your email address to with the phrase “iMatter Campaign” in the subject line and I will make sure that you get your sample (while supplies last).

I am honored and excited to take this wonderful journey with you, and together we can combat this ugly, mean-spirited enemy called STRESS.







Love Pampered Me

Yesterday, I treated myself to a Spa Day at Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, located in Snowmass, Colorado, which was beyond expectations, and much needed after skiing three days straight in Beaver Creek and Aspen. Don’t cheat yourself; treat yourself. Their theme is “To create Life for a Life-long memory”, and that they did.


We need to pamper ourselves and dispel all the negative, toxic emotions that invade our essence based upon the many life choices and decisions we have made. We owe it to well-being to have PEACE be a part of our core being. The Tranquility Room (above) literally brought me to tears because it welcomed me with loving, open arms and whispered in my ear that “peace is priceless, and it’s free, and you can have it too.” The peaceful atmosphere pervaded me immediately and started cleansing, purging me of all my toxic emotions and the disheartened, jaded mindset I had based on my life choices. I was one on one with God, and asked Him to purify my mind, heart, and spirit.

After sitting in the Tranquility Room for 20 minutes, I was ready for my looooong awaited, deep tissue message with Masseuse Jody, who was sensational and hands that were silky-soft. I picked my two essential oils, from seven, along with adding a Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizer to top off my massage.


Jody, who must have been an Angel of God, took exceptional care of me and never let up on my body until she released all the bottled-up stress that was buried deep within my core. After my massage, I hugged and thanked her profusely for doing a phenomenal job on my body. Today, I am a new person who will desperately try to remain in my PEACE ZONE, because it does the body GOOD!!!

LOVE wants you to get rid of negative people that surround you and keep you buried in unhappiness. The Tranquility Room showed me that I MUST continue to choose wisely and handpick what matters to me, that which is healthy, refreshing, and complimentary to ME!

Today, Love on Self



Today’s DailyWord post…

“The more I learn about the power of the heart, the more I see that love is the natural expression of who I am. I tap in to my heart energy and shift my focus. I bring my attention from my busy day to the wellspring of love within. I drop my awareness from my head to my heart and relax into God’s love. The energy of the heart is powerful enough to foster peace and connection even from a distance.

In my prayer times, I remember that God’s love radiates outward, touching people around the globe. Throughout the day, I silently bless each person I see and every person who comes to my mind.

Following Jesus’ teaching to love one another, I radiate love and kindness to all. I know God’s love is at work in the world.”

Today, take the time to LOVE on SELF by smiling from within so your heart will feel the vibe, and saying THANK YOU for ALWAYS being there for me! *O)


Love Has Your Back

Love is the foundation and cornerstone of compassion, empathy, resiliency, and the will to embrace SELF wholeheartedly in a heartfelt manner, and not feel guilty in doing so.


How does one start the healing or restoration process of Lovin Self? Stop what you are doing right now and give yourself a HUG!!! This will start the healing process, and I promise you that it will also put a smile on your face. Was I right? You’ve made the very first step in Lovin Self and giving your spirit the warm and comforting feeling of a smile. That’s the beauty of love in motion, which starts with an easy ACTION of Lovin Self.

A simple hug does the body, mind, and spirit good!

Love, love, love on SELF because it will give you the courage to overcome any hardship, restore your trust in SELF, and get you to the finish line. Love will pick you up from that bad fall, dust you off, and give you the will power to not give up. Love will kiss you in the morning, afternoon, and evening; especially right before you say good night to wake the next morning feeling refreshed and bright. Love will embrace you, hug you in your darkest hours, and will whisper in your ear that it will be ok. Love will smile with you on the inside, when you feel lonely, hopeless, and afraid, and it will comfort you during your dismay.

Love is your truest of friends, who will NEVER judge or leave you in your worst hours, or make you feel horrible because you may not have chosen wisely. Love will say, “So what, let’s come up with an action plan to turn it around positively so that the end results are favorable to your wellbeing.”






Lovin Self is Joyous

I Matter because All Things come Together, because I am Effective and Real…iMatter”


Sometimes, you will encounter that one person who always push your buttons and turn your joyous day into a miserable one. They will challenge your inner self, make you feel that you are less than perfect and not enough… Please remember to “ALWAYS consider your source.”  This was one of the many Life Lessons that I learned from my Paternal Grandmother who was influential in my life more so than my Maternal Grandmother who I grew up around.

Any person who tears you down and does not uplift you and encourage your best… eliminate them from your life immediately or start severing the relationship.  It is always ok to love someone from a distance, even if it is a family member.  Especially when they will try to assassinate your character, destroy the little bit of confidence that you do have, just to make you feel less than human.

Characteristics of a hater:

  • Consumed with toxic behavior
  • Always angers for no apparent reason
  • Hates EVERYONE
  • Finds wrong or bad in everything
  • Miserable inside and out
  • An Evil spirit
  • Hateful toward or Dislikes anything just because

Yikes!!! Stop the madness and “choose” to be a part of the solution and not the problem.  Allowing them to take control of your life and your happiness grants them power that you continue to give, and it feeds them, prolonging their control over you and your happiness.

The secret of their hate toward you is that they see your potentional greatness and don’t want that to happen. The more that they can control your thought process and mindset, the more you will remain imprisoned to them.


Love Wants You To Believe…

“I believe in Love.  I believe it transforms, transports, and transcends. I beleive it fine-tunes goodness, solidifies strength, ripens resolve, eradicates rage, alleviates stress, and elevates empathy.” – Lisa Kogan


The NFL 50th Super Bowl half-time show was AWESOME, and a delight to watch.  Cold Play, “the British rock band which was formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London was exhilerating, Lady Beyonce’ was sultry, sexy and sizzling who paid homage to Michael Jackson in her dress attire; definitely Rocked the show along with Bruno Mars.

It was a fun night that was filed with laughter, many toast and LOVE!!!

Review: It’s Coldplay, Starring Beyoncé, at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Congrats to Peyton Manning, and Denver Broncos who beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50

Love Is An Action Word

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” – James Baldwin


Love is an Action word that freely allows us to openly express our feelings proudly, without being an offense to anyone. The most precious gift that a child gives to their parent(s) is the ability to love them unconditionally. Somehow, some way most adults have forgoten this vital component in relationships, which give reason for them to most likely fail.

Remember, he or she will love you Just Because…And NEVER compromise SELF for the sake of someone else. If it’s Love, everyone will sacrifice and it’s never one sided.



Love said…Smile upon Self

“Today is a new day to get it right, because tomorrow is now in the Tomb of Time. When we try to stay in the present, or the moment…life actually does feel better with SELF.  Take the challenge today, and share it with your friends or love ones to try the 12 Day Love Yourself Challenge.


“The Supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved.”- Victor Hugo

So, don’t wait for someone to love you, do it yourself.  It is truly a refreshing, uplifting feeling that smiles upon your heart and eyes.