Love the Leap of Faith

OMG Friday 5.13.16

#TGIF   What a week I have had, but I’m truly blessed to have had one. I’m back in the grind with a work assignment, and ever so grateful that money will soon flow again. Being unemployed in today’s economy is a travesty, seriously.

If you are truly tired of the monotony of the daily work “grind,” then you seriously have to think about taking the #JUMP. The JUMP is all about taking that Leap Of Faith and believing wholeheartedly that your JUMP will not be in vain—because something great has the potential of happening. But if you don’t make an effort or even try, how will you ever know?

Make the Jump 5.13.16

I learned recently by reading Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success…Think Like a Success that Passion is not your Gift. Passion fuels your desire and feeds your Gift. Your Gift exists because of you—it is not designed by a job title—and travels everywhere you go. “Your job is NOT your gift, but probably a place that utilizes your gift,” Steve tells us.

Shape Your World 5.13.16

What I did learn after reading a segment of Steve’s book, which really surprised me, is that my Gift is not my talent. Pursuant to Steve, “What we do well sometimes blocks us from finding out what we do great. I think of talents as the lesser to one’s gift. Talents can be learned while a gift is inherent. Your gift cannot be studied by another and then performed at the same proficiency. However, our talents often lead us to exercising our gift.

With that said, I now have to find out what my AMAZING Gift is—which I honestly thought I knew what it was. Anywho, I am often referred as a “closer”, a “problem-solver”, one who knows how to bring things together and get the job done. Okay, then how do I sum that up as to what my gift really is? Stay tuned, and I will let you know.

What I do know for certain is that I do have an AMAZING Gift that I will share with the world one day.

Love is Leap of Faith 5.13.16




What can I say? This photo speaks VOLUMES!!! It’s adorable, like you are; it’s passionate, like you are; it has conviction, like I hope you have, and this baby is saying, “Don’t mess with me!! I’m a no-nonsense person, so keep-a-steppin.”

You’ve made it to TGIF!!! Again! So, applaud yourself because you have carried your load again, and have not dropped or spilled anything over. You were a trooper and police sergeant for your family, friends, and loved ones again. APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, & APPLAUSE!!

If you don’t have to work, Fridays can be a time to reflect, relate to your surroundings, and get rejuvenated about life again. This could be a new ritual to start thinking about what you want to do in your life, your career, or just the next two days: maybe, planning an exciting weekend with your kids, family, sista-friends, or BFFs. Even if you decided to chill at home, think about pampering and loving on SELF to rejuvenate (hint, hint) your spirit.

Remember, TGIF also means:


In order to stay fabuloso that does require work, so don’t get it twisted. Anything that you neglect will break down; just ask a car. Just like a car requires maintenance or it will fade out and not run, we must think of our bodies as a well-oiled driving machine. Need your engines to go vroom, vroom on the regular? Keep your batteries charged and do your regular maintenance check (both men and women) to make sure you care for SELF as much as you do everyone else.

I’ll leave you with that, and another HAPPY TGIF!!!


Love Encourages… Not Tears Down

“Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.”  – Will Smith


Have you ever been bamboozled by someone you love and/or trusted, who you believed deep down in your core that they had your back? But their behavior and true character were revealed based on their response (or lack of one) to a serious crisis that left you alone, spent and bewildered?

“When a person shows you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou

I love this quote because it is really true and does make sense. When we are blinded by self-pity, insecurities, self-doubt, we put more truth, faith and belief in others as opposed to SELF. If we aren’t careful about who we put this trust in, we can create even more self-doubt, stress, self-assassination, and failure to believe in SELF. Remember that LOVE will NEVER steer you wrong, beat you up, make you feel less than, or condemn you because of a mistake or misgiving. Heck no!! When a person constantly berates you and NEVER uplifts you to help you bring forth your best SELF… I guarantee you that this person does not have your best interest at heart. Find the will power to sever that toxic, unhealthy relationship–or love them from afar or at a distance. Anything toxic is a direct detriment to your wellbeing and health.

The one gift that LOVE keeps on giving is to eventually reveal the truth about EVERYTHING. That is its core revelation and goal. True Love soothes, heals, restores, encourages, and brings about wholeness, not a lacking.

Last but definitely not least… Remember my paternal grandmother’s famous words: “Always Consider Your Source!

TGIF!!! Yippy!!! Hallelujah!!! It’s the perfect time to reflect, stop and smell the roses, and just breathe. If you do have to work, remember to count your blessings, be grateful that you do have a job; as many are still looking for employment.

Enjoy your weekend… and stay safe!