What can I say? This photo speaks VOLUMES!!! It’s adorable, like you are; it’s passionate, like you are; it has conviction, like I hope you have, and this baby is saying, “Don’t mess with me!! I’m a no-nonsense person, so keep-a-steppin.”

You’ve made it to TGIF!!! Again! So, applaud yourself because you have carried your load again, and have not dropped or spilled anything over. You were a trooper and police sergeant for your family, friends, and loved ones again. APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, & APPLAUSE!!

If you don’t have to work, Fridays can be a time to reflect, relate to your surroundings, and get rejuvenated about life again. This could be a new ritual to start thinking about what you want to do in your life, your career, or just the next two days: maybe, planning an exciting weekend with your kids, family, sista-friends, or BFFs. Even if you decided to chill at home, think about pampering and loving on SELF to rejuvenate (hint, hint) your spirit.

Remember, TGIF also means:


In order to stay fabuloso that does require work, so don’t get it twisted. Anything that you neglect will break down; just ask a car. Just like a car requires maintenance or it will fade out and not run, we must think of our bodies as a well-oiled driving machine. Need your engines to go vroom, vroom on the regular? Keep your batteries charged and do your regular maintenance check (both men and women) to make sure you care for SELF as much as you do everyone else.

I’ll leave you with that, and another HAPPY TGIF!!!