Living from a Peaceful Place

Choosing to inhabit the state of thankfulness is a powerful choice that immediately puts you in control of SELF’s emotional and spiritual reactions.Melissa Swenka

Who are you? Who are you really?

All my life, I have been called Miss Sunshine: “Oh, you have such a beautiful, friendly spirit.” Until recently, I learned that I was living a lie and/or a facade. Yes, many of us can relate to Miss Sunshine on the left, and believe that we possess many of her qualities. And, we have friends and family members who do possess many of the characteristics from Miss Complainer on the right. Well, guess what I’ve learned? If you have at least one characteristic of Miss Complainer . . . you have been living a lie as well, and feeding into bad energy.


I had no idea that I possessed a bitter spirit (bad energy) until a colleague said to me that my eBook was “aggressively direct” (I was clueless as to what she was saying at the time). And very recently, a co-worker said to me: “It’s not your job to make men be ‘accountable’ for breaking your heart, other hearts, disappointing you, or how some men treat women without any remorse or accountability. That’s God’s job, so stop feeding into or embracing that ‘bad’ energy and let God handle it.”

It threw me for a second, but she was absolutely correct and made me really think about how I was living and the energy that I was spreading every day. Trust me, I am not a bitter person, but my energy was connected to a deep bad energy that was under the surface. It’s exposed when you are tested by other bad energy, making it clear that that root must be pulled out and tossed in the garbage.

I do believe in a Divine Power (God) who is the ruler of the Universe, is of Love and good energy. One of Joel Osteen’s sermons bought it to light for me, and it was entitled, “Daily Bread.” It actually made me realize that I needed to park my airplane, get out of the autopilot seat, and let God take over my life. No more rushy, rushy behavior and NY-attitude directness; instead, I needed to work on being the calmer, gentler, and more compassionate personality that I crave and want so desperately to put forth.

I have made a concerted effort to be appreciative of my life, operate in a calmer state of being, offer and give more compassion to family, friends, and strangers. The more that I operate in a state of good energy, the more I will attract the same.

Giving SELF a moment for embracing and appreciating the good things around you is a sure winner as well. Remember: when you operate within good energy and you are on your grind/hustle, the rewards will be positive with great results.

It’s called managing your energy, which will keep you in perfect peace.

Good energy feeds off of good energy, and does wonders to your inner-self, grants you peace (AMEN), and operates in Love. With this kind of energy, you can’t miss or go wrong. You attract goodness, especially in people and relationships; not crazy, dysfunctional relationships that can leave you wondering, how has this happened or invaded my life?

Bringing my new awareness to full circle, I was invited recently to a seminar by world-renowned author, Debrena Jackson Gandy who wrote The Love Lies: 10 Revelations that will Transform Your Relationships and Enrich Your Love Life. The seminar was called “Activating Your Relationships Magnetism.” The one true thing that did resonate deeply within my spirit was that it was very important for me to manage my energy. You guessed it: “Good Energy.” Apparently, New York City has a very a masculine-dominated aura that keeps you always on your toes, rushing through the day, and rarely having time to be patient for others.

What we have to learn is that we don’t have time to hang around folks that don’t expend good energy, that don’t have your interest at heart, and who causes you to compromise your energy, which can be draining and will throw you off your path.

Let’s take your Hustle, your Grind and see how your energy plays a major role in your accomplishments. First question, are you grateful to have a hustle/grind? Your answer should be yes. Why? Because it’s a privilege to work hard at something that you strongly believe in.


It shows that you are passionate about what you believe in, and that you will continue to push through the many challenges, like lack of money and nay-sayers (or others exuding bad energy), because you are willing to sacrifice and work hard for the betterment of self. There are people who never find what they are passionate about, and they go through life a-wishing and a-hoping for a revelation that will change their life. But it starts with God’s Love first, and how you incorporate that into everything that you do, believe in, and want to achieve.

There is no lack of abundance in the Universe. So, whomever is threatened by you, or voicing doubts that you can’t do it—that your “zest” for life is just too much to handle, trust and believe in God so that the only things that you will attack will compliment your good energy, taking you to another level of success.

Remember, when you are operating in the realm of thankfulness, you are being obedient, controlling your inner emotions and soulful reactions to outside negative conditions. Doing that, your end results will always be positive, happy, joyous, and rewarding. Trusting and believing that you can make a difference, by being consistent and trying very hard to operate in a loving energy, will help guarantee success in everything that you do.

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Love Gives Reason

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is Love.” – Sophocles


Everything does happen for a reason; there is a season and a time for everything, which will get you prepared for the next journey in your life. Even though we may not feel ready for the abrupt change(s) or feel prepared for the timing of an unexpected event, we always have the power to adjust, and re-adjust when necessary. Life is always evolving, and definitely not making it easy for you to figure it out; but it will embrace you once you have made up your mind to accept the life-changing circumstance or situation that has occurred. Why? Because Love has your back and is ready to support you through it all.

Whether it be the loss of a job that you worked very hard at for 25+ years but you are no longer valued or needed, a loved one suddenly dies, or your spouse of 20+ years no longer wants to be married to you. Which, now makes you a single parent (something I would not wish on my worst foe), where EVERYTHING with any kind of responsibility falls into your lap, and all you can think about is that your kid(s) need to know that EVERYTHING is okay. So, you smile at them through the invisible tears streaming down on the inside. Disappointment sets in, your fragile hearts goes limp when you are at wits end; you may end up wanting to just give up on life too.

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So, why now, why the sudden change of events that have turned your life upside down? Well, the possibility is that this change of events could be a Life Lesson guiding you to learn to accept that change in life is natural, just like our four seasons. Spring is quickly approaching, then comes summer (which is generally too hot for me), that then transitions to winter (which is my favorite, I get to ski down the mountain), and after that is the fall (another favorite of mine; love the foliage–BEAUTIFUL). Now, the changes that come between and lead us into those seasons can be calming, smooth transitions, but they can also be violent, causing damage and havoc. But, how does one truly prepare for a knock-out, gut-wrenching punch? It isn’t always as simple as battening down the hatches or moving to a different region; storms occur any- and everywhere. You can try to prepare for life like you do the weather, but it’s hard when life can be equally as unpredictable.

If we think about this for a moment…

Let’s think of ourselves as trees… Yes, I know that we are not trees; but like trees, we can stand tall through all the seasons, and come back every year stronger, more beautiful and vibrant. The deadliest of the seasons is winter. It can be brutal, harsh; it can literally strip a tree down to its barest essentials–exposing its true vulnerability. All the while, the tree stands strong (some do), rooted and nearly stoic in its appearance. And when you come upon that same tree during the spring and summer, you are in awe of its beauty.

That could be you.

Regardless of your circumstances, situation, or unexpected dilemma… I guarantee that you can come back from this and be stronger, smarter, wiser, and wearing a beautiful, radiant smile. The good news is that when you do regroup, make improvements, changes that are definitely beneficial to your wellbeing and that of your family; your transformation in strength will speak to your success. So, choose to hang in there, because it is better to be hopeful and eager to see what life has to offer you.

So, during the FALL…

I look to Love–where Awareness can stand in front of me and say, “You are loved and congrats on weathering the storm!”