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May 2017 Vol 2.Iss 1


Love Says… Sky’s the Limit

“Love does not set limitations.”

;O) Happy Hump Day!!! Every Wednesday, I will welcome you with exciting, uplifting tunes for you to enjoy that will inspire, encourage, and sing loving songs to your heart, mind, and spirit. Yippy!!! “Awesome-Sauce!” I’m bringing you “the noise”, in hopes of recharging you for the remainder of the week and getting you focused on what matters to you; hopefully, it’s your dreams. Revisit, rethink, and even recharge your dormant dreams because they are simply waiting for you to release them into the Universe for the world to enjoy.

“Know and believe that you can make a dent in the Universe.” – Steve Jobs

I’m truly grateful, joyous, and excited that it’s Wednesday, even though I am faced with many challenges; but I am thrilled for those challenges because I’m meeting them with a prayerful and hopeful heart. I am taking steps towards my dreams by working on being up and running sooner than later.  However, I’m learning that it requires meeting very important criteria that protects my potential customers, sites, you name it, you have to protect it. Hackers are no joke; see Mr. Robot, that awesome programmer/hacker show on USA. Love it!!

 “Good things comes to those who wait.”

Patience is definitely a virtue because it teaches you the importance of planning, executing properly, and establishing structure toward the potential success of everything coming together with perfection. The good news is that I am very HOPEFUL, and that is because I know my outlook of my path/road, that it is phenomenal and unbelievable, helps me meet the challenges along it; trust me!!!

Every time that I hear this song I get goosebumps (confirmation that God is in agreement) and my Spirit jumps for joy with Happy Tears!!! Because the Sky is the Limit, and ANYTHING that you put her heart, time, and energy into will flourish. Stay FOCUSED, PLAN, and EXECUTE. You can do this–2016 is YOUR YEAR!!! And let’s not forget to acknowledge our Gratefulness for the things that we do have, and appreciate them because some are less fortunate than us.