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May 2017 Vol 2.Iss 1


Lovin Your Journey

“Strength comes from Life’s failures and lessons… What life lesson have you learned?”


;o) Happy Mindful Monday, and a blessing to your week ahead. Over the weekend, I had an “Ah Ha Moment,” realizing that LOVE is critical and essential in one’s life if you are going to weather the storms that life can dish out on occasion. LOVE can provide balance, calm, and a resilient emotional center that helps you cope with a nasty co-worker, a boss who enjoys yelling (A-hole), or any other of life’s disasters; because that warmth and comfort will keep you calm, focused and professional when no one else seems to be. God was brilliant in that He knew that LOVE would be the ONLY thing that can balance the Universe, and you and your life in the face of life’s often rocky mishaps.

Think about it…

When “Life” happens, usually in the form of an event that we weren’t expecting, we get exasperated, thinking, “Now, what?” In light of that, what’s your purpose? Recently, I was talking to a beautiful young woman who is studying for the Bar, and who has just experienced a setback. I asked her how she was doing and she replied, “Sad, but I do have purpose and will be okay.” Now, a spirit like that will succeed because her stumbling block is now being used as her road map: she is focused, driven, and knows that she has purpose and is the architect of her life.

The only way that things will change in your life is if you take the first step to make the change. If you feel stuck at your job, find the one that brings you joy; whatever you are passionate about. If it’s your kids, write a children’s book that you think that they might enjoy reading. If you enjoy fashion, start a blog and dish about it; like Perez Hilton. The Universe is so VAST, that ANYONE can take the opportunity to reach the world; Steve Jobs certainly did. And, he started in his parents’ garage!

My Lovin Self brand centers on the importance of Lovin on Self so that you can be effective for Self and others. Because when you constantly put others before you, you begin to feel as if you no longer matter and your spirit becomes a dried-up raisin. Au contraire

You do have purpose. So today, on #HappyMonday let’s start the week being, first and foremost, grateful to be alive and excited that we have a purpose–even if that is “only” the job you go to. Be grateful, definitely, because someone out there is less fortunate than you and doesn’t have one. Be grateful for the brilliant idea (or ideas) you have which may be laying dormant. Take any step (especially the small ones) just to bring it forth from your memory bank and put out there for the rest of the world; which is definitely a good thing because then you are feeding it good energy, giving it life. Awesome-Sauce!

Funny Workplace Ecard Sometimes the best part of my job is that my chair swivels

Seeing the humor, or the silver lining, to a bad situation is just one of the key ingredients to finding joy and happiness in this life–along with learning that #LOVE must be your nucleus, because it gives you grit, and the guts or strength to deal with life’s challenges or stumbling blocks. And Love helps you stay focused on you and your purpose when everyone else only offers you negativity.

Remember that positive energy attracts positive energy and happy people. Whereas, negative people… Well, just make sure that Love is present because it helps you tolerate them. Today is a new day–the start of a new week and another moment for you to reflect on your Life’s Purpose. Hey, you can run for the President of the United States of America… they need someone, and fast!!!


There is no life without any stumbling or road blocks. You just need to realize how badly you really want to achieve your dream, says Randy Pausch. And I couldn’t agree with him more!