Love the Leap of Faith

OMG Friday 5.13.16

#TGIF   What a week I have had, but I’m truly blessed to have had one. I’m back in the grind with a work assignment, and ever so grateful that money will soon flow again. Being unemployed in today’s economy is a travesty, seriously.

If you are truly tired of the monotony of the daily work “grind,” then you seriously have to think about taking the #JUMP. The JUMP is all about taking that Leap Of Faith and believing wholeheartedly that your JUMP will not be in vain—because something great has the potential of happening. But if you don’t make an effort or even try, how will you ever know?

Make the Jump 5.13.16

I learned recently by reading Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success…Think Like a Success that Passion is not your Gift. Passion fuels your desire and feeds your Gift. Your Gift exists because of you—it is not designed by a job title—and travels everywhere you go. “Your job is NOT your gift, but probably a place that utilizes your gift,” Steve tells us.

Shape Your World 5.13.16

What I did learn after reading a segment of Steve’s book, which really surprised me, is that my Gift is not my talent. Pursuant to Steve, “What we do well sometimes blocks us from finding out what we do great. I think of talents as the lesser to one’s gift. Talents can be learned while a gift is inherent. Your gift cannot be studied by another and then performed at the same proficiency. However, our talents often lead us to exercising our gift.

With that said, I now have to find out what my AMAZING Gift is—which I honestly thought I knew what it was. Anywho, I am often referred as a “closer”, a “problem-solver”, one who knows how to bring things together and get the job done. Okay, then how do I sum that up as to what my gift really is? Stay tuned, and I will let you know.

What I do know for certain is that I do have an AMAZING Gift that I will share with the world one day.

Love is Leap of Faith 5.13.16


Another Day to Love


Live in the moment, because tomorrow is in the tomb of time; and be thankful for being able to love another day (a.k.a. FRIDAY). When we put forth positive energy, we will get positive results back, making it easier to set goals for yourself. A happy spirit is a vibrant, vivacious spirit that only looks for the “good” to happen. This happy spirit does not feed on or look for fuel from a negative or defeatist outcome. Yikes!!!

If this was a challenging week, you can take comfort in the fact that it’s over. Take this opportunity to look at the challenges you faced, regroup, and aim to learn from this lesson by moving forward with another plan. It will require your focus, and a willingness to execute with a joyous spirit.

Why? Because your underlying goal is to change your life for the better. The only way to do that is to change your thought process (i.e., your mind), and not begrudgingly.

Friday Wisdom Badge 1

God willing, I will see you back here on #MindfulMonday with my “You Need To Jump” blog.

Yes, You Are Loved


…dirty minds!! ;o) “F” is for Fun, being Fantastic to SELF, and of course, TGIF (Thank God That I’m Fabulous). Another week has passed by, and I hope that you have had a successful week of encouraging, lovin, and appreciating SELF. Yesterday was a day of pure jubilation and excitement for me that gave me H.O.P.E. (stay Happy, Optimistic, Patient, and Encouraging through my challenges). Which is what I experienced yesterday at the AMA Women’s Leadership meeting with #EricaDhawan and #LauraKaten whose energy was effectuating.

Life is moving fast and will not wait for you to decide what you want to do with it, but it will be hopeful with you; so #DONTGIVEUP!! Even though our dreams get deferred sometimes, it only seems to happen when we stop making them a priority or if there are a thousand distractions (i.e., a job, relationships, family, and friends) that bombard our thoughts, time, and energy. The good news is that when we take just 1 minute to stop and breathe and focus on our needs and desires… anything can happen.

And when #Love surrounds you, it will encourage you to bring forth your best. Love is a nurturer, a giver, a healer, a doer, and a comforter; never a downer.


And, of course, let’s be humbly grateful for the blessings that we do have in our lives. Why? It can always be worse, and practicing gratitude when there are blessings can make it easier to practice when there appears to be none. #HappyFabuFriday