Love the Masterpiece

I still fall on my face sometimes and I
Can’t color inside the lines ’cause
I’m perfectly incomplete
I’m still working on my masterpiece

 Jessie J – Masterpiece Lyrics | MetroLyrics


#HappyHumpDay!!! This week may have been a challenge, stressful, or even good; but the great thing is that you are near the end of the week, hopefully preparing for your weekend. You may have pissed someone off, because you’re not perfect or may have offended someone because of who you are. But you can #STOPTHEMADNESS. Even though who you are may be offensive to some, their reactions to your life are not within your control. You only (and always) have control over yourself and your reactions; please remember that. You can’t let someone else’s opinion of your life stop you from living it.

Steve Harvey is someone who I truly respect and admire because he keeps it real. I wanted to share with you this #AMAZING video where he speaks about “You Have To Jump.” Simply mind-blowing, and I will start my week off with it for #MindfulMonday. The more that we put off things that we can do now, or start now, will change our life path and decisions. So when we change our mind, we can change our life.

OK, I keep beating this dead horse, but I have to be honest in what has been fueling my energy: how the 2008 Banking Industry went down. How it was orchestrated, who paid for it (homeowners), and the result of it (the 1%ers got richer). OK, now what? If you don’t like your current situation or circumstance, try to change it. If you don’t like how the Fortune 500 is doing business, start your own. Complaining, being disgusted, and not being apart of the solution automatically makes you apart of the problem.

Listen, I was there. I always had a job to maintain my life, take care of my daughter, put her in the best of private schools to give her the advantage that I didn’t have. Now, I am in a position to work for SELF; and there is definitely no turning back. Losing my job was the best thing that happened to me because it made me React, Regroup, and Affect change in my life for the betterment of ME.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Susan L. Taylor

The message behind this: #WORKFORSELF!!! Yes, it appears that we hate on the 1%ers, but make the choice and do something different so you too can make life-changing decisions in your life that can’t be affected by decisions that the 1%ers make.

“You have not seen the best of me,” says Jessie J, so step out on faith, and #JUMP like Mr. Harvey said. In my world, EVERYONE is held accountable for what happens in your life based on your life choices.



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