Love Hopeful Mondays

“Our thoughts create our reality.” – Susan L. Taylor


Happy Monday, and I wish you a great day and week to follow. Whatever you are working on, whether it is work related or a self project that you are passionate about, it will need you to FOCUS, PLAN, & EXECUTE. Find resources, people, and “communities,” like my sister Vay mentioned to me, to help you get the job done. Which also sounds like Connectional Intelligence, in terms of how it often takes a village or a community of people to get a job done successfully.

So, remember that you are not alone, and don’t be so prideful as to be embarrassed if you need to ask for help. Because, in reality, everyone is trying to get the same result, which is a goal that will enhance the efforts of the “collective”, “self”, or your business. And, don’t be too shy to talk to your boss on the importance of using social media to build momentum, or to get your product, idea, or other innovation traction in front of millions.

Step out of your comfort zone, know that you can make a difference, and always know that you can challenge the status quo–which was once told to me by a senior vice president.

The only difference between stumbling blocks and steppingstones is the way in which we use them!1



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