Love the Company You’re In

Today I attended the American Management Association‘s Women’s Leadership Center Breakfast and had the pleasure of meeting Erica Dhawan. The wonderful mind behind the “Connectional Intelligence” model. This Harvard-trained researcher came with a vast base of knowledge. Even the Q&A was monumental–in that the majority of the women in attendance were seasoned in their careers and literally found new avenues to bring relevancy to their team(s) by seeing growth potential that can affect the bottom line.

My take-away was collecting information on how to launch my iMatter Campaign (which is apart of my Lovin Self Brand), since I want it to become a global phenomenon. And in that room… it became possible.

Look around you; look within your inner circle of friends, business acquaintances, or colleagues and see how you can join forces to satisfy and bring about a much needed resolution toward creating your “idea,” a new product at work, or just brainstorming. That’s what Connectional Intelligence is all about, connecting with a “Thinker (Sees Big Picture), the Enabler (Brings it together), and the Connection Execution (Mobilize Into Action)” based on Erica’s model.

Love her and the brain power that she shared so effortlessly, passionately, and enthusiastically!! Awesome-Sauce!!!

And #kudos and a special thank you to #Laura Katen  of @katenconsulting  who did a phenomenal job at keeping the energy alive and on fire in the room this morning; along with assisting in hosting the AMA Women’s Leadership Center Breakfast. #amawlc



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