Lovin Self is NOT a Crime…

Lovin Self is NOT a Crime, But Your Duty!


One of the joys of life is being accepted by SELF… Your imperfections, your flaws, that quirky, feisty, controlling, kind, nice, sweet personality–all of who you are. Every part makes up the unique person called YOU! So, I always find it funny when someone wants to change another human being. Who died and made you boss or architect of another person’s life?

 Yes, with the power of the very concept, who doesn’t want to be, to feel, to seem “Perfect”? But, we are quickly learning that’s an insane and unrealistic goal, because the only person I know who is perfect is my higher power (God). We all have flaws, faults, and imperfections; even people who are known as being a “9” or a perfect “10”. That’s why it is so vital, really critical, for you to accept SELF, just the way that you are.

Yes, everyone can use some form of improvement to SELF, like the dispelling of an angry spirit that shows up in your face all the time; or like learning a life skill that grants you the great job you so wanted; or completing your education to catapult your life circumstance(s); or forgiveness that frees you from the bondage of hate; or a damaging habit/addiction that you want to eliminate from your life.

The more that you accept yourself, value who you are, forgive SELF for all the mistakes or wrong that you have done, know that you are truly Blessed, embrace the free will to express who you really are, trust the notion that you matter, and know that lovin self is nurturing the heart, mind, and spirit, the more courage you have to EMPOWER SELF which will result in you Embracing SELF… Just for the Love of it!!


When we learn to accept people for who they are and what they are, good or bad, the stress will also dissipate from our lives. Remember, when you are just being you and that results in offending someone, that is definitely a red flag. People are people, and, like Maya Angelou said, when someone “shows you who they are… believe them.”

In a situation where our autonomy, our power, has been stripped from us, we can forget, but we always have the powers of Choice and Free Will to change. So, when you allow negative behavior from someone–a mental, physical, or verbal abuser, on any level, from parents to bosses–without standing up for yourself, you have silently become part of the problem by enabling the person’s behavior; you are “accepting” that type of behavior. The valuable lesson in this is that, once you learn to LOVE SELF, you can stop accepting the behaviors from other people who hurt or oppress YOU; especially on a constant basis, because you know that you deserve better, and that behavior is not of LOVE.

When we learn to LOVE on SELF, it builds character, enhances integrity, and boosts confidence to a level unlike anything you’ve felt before because it brings about peace, joy, love, success, and, ultimately, tranquility for SELF.


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