Love and Serenity

“God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.”


Happy Monday, as I do hope that you truly enjoyed your weekend, and that you did have some time to pamper SELF or just relax for a moment.

So, where does Serenity fit into your life?

Serenity is defined as “the quality and state of being calm or tranquil,” in other words, being at peace within SELF or your environment; I sure am. Love it!!! When you are at peace, you focus better and don’t have any crazy distractions that feel like they are pulling you from every angle.

I learned a long time ago that anything that you struggle with, you have not yet embraced. Which sometimes leads to frustration, anxiety, or even disappointment. But learning to “accept the things that we cannot change” can make life a little easier to deal with and handle. Remember what we discussed the other day, that a leopard does not change it spots, and when we try to force our will or convictions onto something (or someone) that is unmovable (like a wall, or a personality that is like a statue) it will feel like you are wasting your valuable, precious time trying to change it or them.

But, when you embrace the ability and courage to change the things that you can–like SELF–you will get more accolades, experience more successes because you have changed your attitude, behavior, and/or mindset for the benefit of SELF. Which is something to be proud of, especially if you have been living life feeling like a doormat, or if you are in a loveless relationship that has been draining you for years, or if you’re experiencing mental and physical abuse from someone who claims to love you. All of that is most definitely too overwhelming, and your health can end up declining: both mental and physical. If you’ve had enough, it may be time that you take a leap of faith and decide you want to take control and want to stop the madness. Your behavior is courageous, and you make this change for the betterment of and to embrace and love on SELF. Congratulations!!! You’ve taken the first step toward achieving true serenity in your life.

You are becoming wise enough to know that you deserve better, and to truly know your worth. Deep down, in the depths of your core, you knew better, and now you are wise enough to “know the difference.”

Keep the faith and remember that you do matter and deserve only the best that love can offer: peace, joy, hope, and happiness.




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