Love Is the Healer of Hate

“Showing gratitude from within and extending it outwardly shines your light on someone’s darkness.”


Life will throw you many curve balls, testing your faith, hope and beliefs. Yet, when you don’t embrace your pride, mistakes, and mishaps at that moment (or ever), you will get another day to make it better. The sun will shine again and the joy will be restored. When you allow yourself to be consumed by hatred, anger, bitterness, strife, envy, jealousy, deceit, gossip, and most importantly an unwillingness to forgive, you are bathing in failure and are less likely to accomplish or succeed at centering and bettering SELF.

The Universe provides many wonderful, beautiful, tranquil places (go skiing in God’s Country, Colorado) to enjoy, regroup in, and accomplish many wonderful things. Ideas are formed; plans made, focused on and executed (Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) every single day. The Universe is vast and has plenty of room for YOU to get your ideas, innovations, and dreams accomplished.

Bathe yourself in love; soak in it, and watch your life be transformed for the better. Forgive yourself right now and think happy, joyous thoughts to help cleanse your inner self of doubts and disappointments. Who hasn’t made mistakes in life? I sure have, and I have learned from every single one. Life to me is about lessons, and how each of my life’s teachable moments gave me the valuable lesson NOT to do that again. Love is of light, progress and happiness, whereas SELF-PITY, pain and suffering are debilitating and bleak; blinding YOU of any hope.


One of my dreams will come true when my website will be launched (a continued work in progress); before month end. Lovin Self originated from my inner core of being a happy, joyous, friendly, and loving person toward others and most importantly toward SELF (Miss Sunshine).

“Never compromise SELF for the sake of someone else’s happiness”

What you put forth is what you will get back. You give happy, you get happy; you give ugliness, you get STRESS back. Yes, I have experienced challenges in my life, but I am ALWAYS hopeful and a pure optimist. God will NEVER put too much on you that you can’t handle or bear. My advice to you: NEVER GIVE UP and keep hitting that rock; it will eventually crack (my favorite motivational quote).


IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO SHINE and change your life… you only have one life to live. IT’S TIME.


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