LOVE Perseveres

“If LOVE is laying dormant from within… wake it up! I promise you that your life will never be the same.”


One of the AMAZING qualities that Nelson Mandela possessed was being an Optimist, and I am proud to say that is a quality I aim to always have. It is about knowing deep down in your core belief, with conviction, that there is always a possibility for a better outcome. Remaining hopeful and positive that you can and will persevere by not accepting despair, no matter what.

I have been hitting an invisible “ROCK” for over twenty years, and I know for certain that it’s about to crack. Yes, I have made life choices that have derailed me from my dreams and aspirations (i.e., working in Corporate), but I have NEVER stopped hitting my “ROCK”. The joyous feeling that lies within comes from knowing that each time I strike that ROCK, it’s about to crack. It’s about NEVER GIVING UP!!!

Also, it’s about believing that your life deserves to be better, more successful and rewarding on all levels–with family, friends and relationships. Okay, relationships I am still working on; I know that I need to learn to incorporate a sense of gentleness, more understanding, and being a little bit softer on non-accountability, which is normally a deal-breaker for me. But, I did make the promise to SELF that in 2016 I will try to be more tolerant or accepting of another person’s pace in life. Then, maybe, a romantic relationship will last a little longer, or I could just stop choosing wrong… Now, that’s a good idea (employing some Accountability for SELF). ;o)

Okay, but on a serious note, I do believe that one of the best-kept secrets to enjoying Life is knowing, deep down inside of your core, that if LOVE is sitting dormant, you have to wake it up and release it so that your light shines for the world to see–most especially to yourSELF!

Just ask Nelson Mandela…




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