Love Believes in You

“When someone complains or has an issue with you… ALWAYS consider your source.” – My paternal grandmother Stay Positive

I am NOT a “people-pleaser”, nor do I look or wait for people to define who I am as a person. HELL NO!!! Oops, sorry for the language, it’s just my passionate spirit. ;o) Losing my job at year-end catapulted the way I was thinking about my many great talents and unfinished dream: TO WORK FOR SELF!!! Especially after seeing The Big Short, which is a must-see!!

We tend to put our hopes and dreams on the back burner for family and friends with little appreciation or care for SELF. When you are EVERYTHING to everyone but YOURSELF, you lose a sense of SELF in the process–especially to those who criticize you and make you feel less than human.

This type of behavior (looking for other people’s approval) stems from an insecure nature, and that will leave you:

  1. Questioning who you are, instituting “doubt of SELF”.
  2. Thinking that you are NEVER enough.
  3. Feeling that YOU ALWAYS have to please the culprit.
  4. Believing that everything you do IS NEVER ENOUGH.
  5. Living in an unhappy mindset.
  6. Constantly beating yourself up, because you feel everything you do is wrong.
  7. A “punching bag” for insults and mental or physical abuse.
  8. Enduring abuse, neglect, or isolation day in and day out.
  9. Believing whatever they say, even when you know it doesn’t reflect your true SELF.
  10. In the hole that you keep digging (by falling in line with the abuse), which will only grow deeper.

Okay, so, here are some of my favorite affirmations that stand up against all that negativity up there:

  1. Remember that YOU MATTER; especially to yourself (“iMatter,” say it out loud).
  2. Be good to SELF; otherwise, you cannot be good to anyone else.
  3. Take care of SELF; otherwise, you vanish (God forbid)… Then, what?
  4. Remember that YOU are VERY important and deserve love, to be appreciated; beyond “obligation love”.
  5. ALWAYS CONSIDER YOUR SOURCE!!! “The Complainer” will kill your joy.
  6. Know that “Haters” are unhappy people who NEVER see the joy in anything. Don’t let them dominate your life.
  7. Change “the channel”, by embracing your power and control in any situation.
  8. Remember that Life is about Free Will and Choices. Be who YOU are, not who they want you to be.
  9. YOU don’t owe ANYONE ANYTHING, but a smile with LOVE.
  10. When you settle in life, you lose out on the many great things that life has to offer; missing out on the very things that can lead to success by being who you really are.

You deserve happiness, contentment, peace of mind, and the chance to do what you have always dreamed of doing. I am truly grateful that I will be launching my Lovin Self brand (a 16-year dream) on March 10th (Harriet Tubman Day) as my token of appreciation for a remarkable woman who had EVERY corner of the earth stacked up against her.

Could you imagine history if Ms. Tubman had lived a life hindered by excuses? What’s yours?


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