Love Will Open the Door

“Love is an energy which exists of itself. It is its own value.” – Thorton Wilder


Love will always define who you are and your true worth. Today’s quote is so true because LOVE does have energy, which is Passion, and it can fuel you to act, change, or move on. When we show ourselves Love, it is priceless!

Today is “National Compliment Day”, which gives you a solid reason to not only say something wonderful about SELF, or another person, but to take something wonderful said about you and not “tone it down.” The “Kissable Life” blog here on WordPress doesn’t take this important day sitting down!

Please Take a Compliment
Source: Kissable Life

Please, take one or all of these compliments, and when you try to shut down the person giving one or all of them to you, SMILE instead! A smile is effectuating… try it, and I promise you that if you smile at someone, they will smile back at you! Making your heart jump for joy. Love is Joy; Love is Peace of Mind; Love is Hope!

Source: Viceroy Hotels and Resorts in Snowmass, CO

This is the beautiful rock that I received after my AWESOME massage at the Viceroy Hotel Spa in Snowmass, Colorado. Love said to be hopeful in EVERYTHING that you do, because it gives you the energy, the drive, and the exhilaration to want to change SELF for the better. I always aim to be the QUEEN of HOPE, JOY, OPTIMISM, ACCOUNTABILITY, POSITIVITY, and a LOVER OF SELF; but most importantly, PEACE OF MIND.

If someone chooses not to Love Me… fine; it might hurt for the moment, but it is DEFINITELY not my problem or loss. We need to learn to Love the skin that we are in! Be accepting of the person you are and continue to shine; be radiant with that beautiful smile so the world can see your reflection in the sky!

Stay hopeful, believe, and know that ANYTHING is possible. will launch on March 10th, which is a day honoring the TRUEST OF HEROES: Harriet Tubman Day. Now, that’s a woman to Love; I sure do!!!

My compliment to you, my readers, and to Kim Boelens of the Kissable Life blog, is that you are beautiful, truly valued, and thank you for simply being you!!


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