Love Can Combat Stress

“Life is about Free Will and Choices; but, most importantly, it’s about Accountability.”


You are a beautiful, sweet, delectable, scrumptious, delicious human being that everyone wants a piece of. Often times, we are everything to everyone, but never anything to SELF. Life’s demands circle us as fast as cars in the Indy 500; and women and men are in the drivers’ seats. Dodging in and out of fast moving cars, people, and wearing a variety of hats: volunteer, event organizer, wife, husband, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, confidante; you name it. Women and men are proudly wearing the Ringmaster’s hat. What they are not telling you, because of the facade that they continue to wear over their life, is that STRESS is eating away at the core.

“People will only do what you allow.”

To combat the powerful energy-suck of STRESS, we start by taking LOVE by the arms (which are ALWAYS open and welcoming) and engulfing SELF with it. Stop what you are doing . . . No, really, just for a second . . . and smile . . . Just because. Your heart will jump for joy for a split second. Now, give yourself a hug… Again, really, just go ahead, try it. Your heart just kissed you and said thank you!!! That is the very first step to showing SELF some LOVE!

And, I am here to help you LOVE ON SELF more regularly to put a stop to the madness that is consuming you and not granting you time to find PEACE OF MIND. I plan on flooding you with LOVE just like this on a daily basis (hint: LoveDailys). And, very soon (aiming for March), I will launch the iMatter Campaign that focuses on YOU making the commitment with the pledge to pamper yourself just 1 day every week. Pledge cards will be issued upon signing up on the website, which will include discounts on future purchases!


LOVE is a healer, a comforter, a listener, a soother, and it will restore you back to wholeness if you allow it to. I will be sending out free samples of the LovinSelf Essential Bath Salts (Mediterranean) and Soothing Relaxing Teas. They will calm, relax, soothe, rejuvenate, nourish, and relieve you from overexertion and tension, which are the typical symptoms of STRESS!

Send your email address to with the phrase “iMatter Campaign” in the subject line and I will make sure that you get your sample (while supplies last).

I am honored and excited to take this wonderful journey with you, and together we can combat this ugly, mean-spirited enemy called STRESS.








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