Love Pampered Me

Yesterday, I treated myself to a Spa Day at Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, located in Snowmass, Colorado, which was beyond expectations, and much needed after skiing three days straight in Beaver Creek and Aspen. Don’t cheat yourself; treat yourself. Their theme is “To create Life for a Life-long memory”, and that they did.


We need to pamper ourselves and dispel all the negative, toxic emotions that invade our essence based upon the many life choices and decisions we have made. We owe it to well-being to have PEACE be a part of our core being. The Tranquility Room (above) literally brought me to tears because it welcomed me with loving, open arms and whispered in my ear that “peace is priceless, and it’s free, and you can have it too.” The peaceful atmosphere pervaded me immediately and started cleansing, purging me of all my toxic emotions and the disheartened, jaded mindset I had based on my life choices. I was one on one with God, and asked Him to purify my mind, heart, and spirit.

After sitting in the Tranquility Room for 20 minutes, I was ready for my looooong awaited, deep tissue message with Masseuse Jody, who was sensational and hands that were silky-soft. I picked my two essential oils, from seven, along with adding a Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizer to top off my massage.


Jody, who must have been an Angel of God, took exceptional care of me and never let up on my body until she released all the bottled-up stress that was buried deep within my core. After my massage, I hugged and thanked her profusely for doing a phenomenal job on my body. Today, I am a new person who will desperately try to remain in my PEACE ZONE, because it does the body GOOD!!!

LOVE wants you to get rid of negative people that surround you and keep you buried in unhappiness. The Tranquility Room showed me that I MUST continue to choose wisely and handpick what matters to me, that which is healthy, refreshing, and complimentary to ME!


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