Lovin Self is Joyous

I Matter because All Things come Together, because I am Effective and Real…iMatter”


Sometimes, you will encounter that one person who always push your buttons and turn your joyous day into a miserable one. They will challenge your inner self, make you feel that you are less than perfect and not enough… Please remember to “ALWAYS consider your source.”  This was one of the many Life Lessons that I learned from my Paternal Grandmother who was influential in my life more so than my Maternal Grandmother who I grew up around.

Any person who tears you down and does not uplift you and encourage your best… eliminate them from your life immediately or start severing the relationship.  It is always ok to love someone from a distance, even if it is a family member.  Especially when they will try to assassinate your character, destroy the little bit of confidence that you do have, just to make you feel less than human.

Characteristics of a hater:

  • Consumed with toxic behavior
  • Always angers for no apparent reason
  • Hates EVERYONE
  • Finds wrong or bad in everything
  • Miserable inside and out
  • An Evil spirit
  • Hateful toward or Dislikes anything just because

Yikes!!! Stop the madness and “choose” to be a part of the solution and not the problem.  Allowing them to take control of your life and your happiness grants them power that you continue to give, and it feeds them, prolonging their control over you and your happiness.

The secret of their hate toward you is that they see your potentional greatness and don’t want that to happen. The more that they can control your thought process and mindset, the more you will remain imprisoned to them.



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